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Some of the most common symptoms of insufficient thyroid levels is low energy, slow metabolism,  thinning hair, dry skin, excessive fatigue or feeling cold.  As we age, many have a genetic predisposition to a gradually lowering thyroid level that may not register as significant low with a standard blood test.   

Obesity and Hypothyroidism

Slow metabolism and fatigue can most certainly be contributing factors in one's inability to lose weight.  Dietary changes and extreme efforts to overcome the fatigue are not healthy avenues to treat hypothyroidism.  By completing a full thyroid panel and following your response to corrected thyroid levels, you can regain control of your health and enjoy life again. 

Depression and Hypothyroidism

Fatigue that accompanies a chronically low thyroid level often causes depression.  Because you may already be prescribed an antidepressant, you may find that correcting hypothyroidism will decrease your depression.  Do not stop taking antidepressants without discussing the matter with the prescribing provider.  Many medications will cause harm if stopped suddenly.  

Low Sex Drive and Testosterone, Estrogen

A diminished libido may be related to low testosterone or menopause, but it can also be due to hypothyroidism.  While men and women are likely to have a low sex drive for different reasons, hypothyroidism can be the cause for either sex. In addition to obtaining tests for a complete thyroid panel, testosterone levels will be evaluated in male clients.  Men who complain of low energy, erectile dysfunction, brain fog and low libido may require testosterone replacement therapy.  Women who are menopausal can have a variety of symptoms ranging from hot flashes to excessive fatigue.  The first step involves an assessment and completion of a panel of tests so any therapy that is needed can be determined. Then, after hormone replacement therapy is initiated, monitoring those hormone levels until they are finely tuned will be necessary. When replacing any hormone that you have an insufficient level of naturally, alleviating your symptoms and maintaining a safe and appropriate level is the goal. 

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