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Tammy DeWitt Nurse Practitioner

Tammy DeWitt, APRN, AGAC-NP BC

My goal is to help you reach a healthy body weight that will enable you to enjoy life without health struggles. Losing 100 lbs could mean eliminating most of your prescription medications. It will reduce your risks of an early death due to complications from diabetes and heart disease, and reduce your increased risk associated with the pain of worn out joints that cannot support the tremendous weight. As an added bonus, you will save money on food and medications. 

The multiple peptides available here have so many benefits, it is hard to choose just one. I will guide you along this holistic path to a healthier body weight and a healthier life. 

My Story

I became a Registered Nurse in 1997 and worked 23 years in critical care. I've seen and heard the life stories of hundreds and hundreds of patients over the years. I could see how the broken healthcare system provided limited choices to the average person. I could see many families passing down bad health habits to the next generation. While working in the Emergency Department, I've seen 12-year- old children who weighed 200 lbs, often with hypertension.  These obese children would tag along with their parents who had no concerns about the poor health of their children, as they were also morbidly obese. 


As a nurse practitioner, I have seen how diabetes can ravage the body, causing blindness, strokes, amputations and chronic wounds, and how many are reluctant or unable to take care of themselves.  As a mother and grandmother, I believe the most important thing anyone can do is take care of themselves and live a longer, independent and healthy life. My goal is to educate my patients and help them create better habits while they are losing weight, all while preparing them to embrace a full and active life, avoiding the complications of obesity. 

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." -Tony Robbins

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