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Weight Loss with Semaglutide or Tirzepatide

Ozempic®, Wegovy® and Mounjaro® are the most effective weight loss medications known in our lifetime! By reducing your appetite, you can lose weight, even without exercising! But losing weight isn't the only goal of this clinic.   If you are a candidate for this program, you will lose weight, lose fat and inches and gain muscle through the use of our specialized fat burning and muscle toning equipment. 

Body Sculpting

Slim Sculpting to Melt Fat and Tone Muscles 

Body sculpting with combined technologies of HIEMT to tone muscles and IR therapy to melt fat, will maximize the benefits of weight loss by highlighting your new physique.  

Why Diets Don't Work

There is no magic combination of foods or restrictions of a food group that is sustainable.   Over 80% of those who lose weight by dieting will regain the lost weight within 12 months.  The reality is, the only way to lose weight is EAT LESS and MOVE MORE.   Many achieve weight loss only after bariatric surgery.  Unfortunately, as much as 30% of bariatric surgery patient do not achieve their goal weight. Additionally, there are multiple risks involved in having bariatric surgery.  Bariatric surgery is the most permanent way of enforcing dietary limitation, simply by decreasing the size of the stomach.  Despite the surgery, many continue to overeat and struggle with obesity.  

Why This Plan Does Work

When you commit to this 12 week transformation plan, you will be guided by a medical professional who will monitor your lab work, provide medications, coaching videos and will inspire you to keep your new physique toned for long-term improved health.

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